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The State of Illinois is located in the mid-west US. A one of the main industrial hubs of North America, during the 19th and 20th century's Illinois State and especially cities such as Chicago known as 'The Windy City' on the edge of Lake Michigan began to expand. Seen by it inhabitants as "microcosm of America" with a blend small towns to large densely populated urban metropolis.
With a lot of natural resources throughout the state such as coal, timber as well as large areas of good agricultural farm land Illinois has a good industrial to agricultural balance, referred to as the 'Corn state; or 'Garden of the West' Illinois is viewed to be a continually industrious area of the country.

The geography of the Illinois allowed it to become a trade center, its central location linked to surrounding states by the Mississippi river, allowing trade to flow south and import/export north to the Great Lakes then the Atlantic, It additionally has the largest concentration of water, land and air transportation facilities of any other place. Chicago, although not the state capital, is one of the most famous cities in the US, with 9.5 million inhabitants, and with it own cultural identity including world famous Broadway and Jazz scene (result of the 'Great migration') Illinois, industry caused and influx of immigrants from Europe and from with in the US. Irish, eastern Europeans and African-Americans amongst others form the key demographics of Illinois's population. unlike most of the US states, the settlement of Illinois did not originally spread east to west , French-Canadian settlers moved from the north-east and then settlers from the south up the Ohio river settled in Illinois. Now with 12.8 million people from a range of different races  and religions and with such a variety of vocation, Illinois is very much seen as a Microcosm of America.

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