Thursday, 9 October 2014


It's become evident that more people move to Texas rather than out of it which means people must have something to move for, be it employment or the enticing Southern charm that it offers, as there is over 110,000 more people moving to the state than leaving in 2011 alone. This could be considered quite surprising as 2011 was when Texas was hit by some of the most extreme weather and was said to have had it the worst in that year. It was hit by eight of the national billion dollar disasters, which is the most of any state in the U.S. The most common disasters were due to the extremely hot weather of Texas, including extreme heat and wildfires, which had left them in almost a year long drought. Another surprising factor is that, when these statistics were taken, unemployment had risen and been at a constant high for about a year, only to begin to drop in the following years, which is when it would be expected to have a higher proportion of people moving into the state.

The heat of Texas is always the first thing to come to mind, along with the sheer size and vastness of the state. With such a large and hot state to live in, it's filled with ranches and it's safe to say that there aren't many things that are close together. This leaves the residents to drive around in their 'massive pick-up trucks' with 'Don't Mess with Texas' signs on them which, according to one American blogger, is entirely stereotypical of them.

The people of the state are also apparently known for being racist. In a list on one Texan's blog, she listed everything that she has noticed in her day to day life, it is mentioned that most Texans have 'racist grandparents' and 'hate immigrants', despite a large quantity of their country's people being the descendants of immigrants. In fact, unless they are direct descendants of Native Americans, their heritage is almost certainly that of some immigrants. In fact, as seen on Claire's post last week, a majority of Texans identify themselves as being Mexican or German, with only a third identifying themselves as American or African American.


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