Wednesday, 24 September 2014

America and Liberty

The image above, to me, indicates a coherent relationship between 'America' and instantly recognisable liberty, due to the statue being one of the most highly distinctive and iconic landmarks. As cliché as it may seem, not only does the statue in itself connote independence due to a very significant moment in history, it encompasses America and its power and freedom that is universally identified. This image in particular with the New York cityscape in the background, represents the concrete jungle as a hub where business, careers and opportunities flourish because of the freedom to express yourself as an individual in a large city.

This image represents 'Main Street, USA', Disneyland Florida. Ultimately, Disneyland Florida is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world and it claims superiority over other international parks with its tagline 'the happiest place on earth'. Most people would associate this happiness with the freedom and independence that it has created. Yet, the ideology of creating this 'kingdom' with the 'look and feel of turn-of-the-twentieth century America'*, creates a hyper-reality, a place built on fictional grounds, significantly encouraging the ultimate 'American Dream'. In theory, it is a theme park which has brought fictional stories to life as a fun-filled adventure for people of all ages. However, Disney as a large brand is contiually impacting upon the way most people now, of this generation, would associate America and liberty which I think negates its national identity.

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