Wednesday, 24 September 2014

America and Liberty

I was looking for a decent picture, of a map of the USA. As the shape of the country is itself iconic. As the 'continent county' is very recognizable due to its size and scale.
Then i found this picture which incorporates other iconic images of the US, that of world recognized corporations. Although many may see them as a topic of controversy, I felt that they express a key iconic concept of the USA, which is the growth, development and expansion of independent enterprises, that unlike in some other countries, are at liberty to grow domestically and globally with their own unique identity.

My next  image is the One and Only 'Captain America'....... The symbolic character of America as a tool of military intervention on behalf of liberty and freedom and democracy and the rest. However enveloped as a comic book hero, and the eventual development on to the big screen. The image of 'The perfect soldier' (athletic, strong, white and with a strict morale compass and all Red, White and Blue), giving a gentle and child-friendly perception of the US in regard to involvement in although (fictitious) military conflict. With the image of the US as a 'universal soldier' of liberty and one who only has to use lethal force if absolutely required to do so. (Cpt. America, only carries and shield and occasionally used small pistol , and very rarely kills anybody)

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