Thursday, 25 September 2014

America and Liberty

The image above affirms the association between America and liberty, as it depicts an open road underneath a blue sky surrounded by palm trees, an iconic image of Hollywood, California that symbolises prosperity. For many years, California has been conveyed as a place where anybody can reinvent themselves and seek fame and fortune. This ideal mirrors the original image of America, which was considered as a 'New World' where pilgrims could seek religious freedom, self-government and democracy.

This image however, negates the association as although an image of a native American wearing a ceremonial feathered war bonnet is an iconic one, the treatment of the native american people throughout american history is completely contradictory of the definition of liberty 'a state of being free within society without oppressive restrictions'. It could be argued that this is due to the fact that many native american traditions and customs have altogether disappeared due the native american people being gathered and placed in reservations in such a scale that by the early 19th century no 'free' native Americans remained.

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