Sunday, 16 November 2014

Gun Control

The Brady Campaign

The Brady Campaign

'Guns are not like drugs.. they are not smuggled into our country.... they are so easy to get hold of they are smuggled out of the US'

The Brady Campaign focuses on the issues of Guns through the use of statistics, which manage to bring home the hard hitting truth about the amount of accidental deaths of children and innocent people by guns. It also highlights the issues with trying to pass the gun control laws, by stating that the only way in which people will begin to listen and realise that guns are dangerous weapons and have no place in a home is through education.
The Brady Campaign seeks to raise funds for local communities to stop the local gun crime, this includes "bad apple" gun dealers; who supply guns without checking the background of their buyers, making it shockingly simple for any individual to buy a gun with "no tax and no paperwork".
One of the way in which the Brady campaigns aims to decrease the amount of violent gun related deaths in the US, is through the passing of policies such as keeping guns from people who can readily be identified as having bad intent, through the use of thorough Brady background checks which have managed to stop over 2 million illegal purchases of firearms and anti-trafficking policies that could play a big part in keeping guns out if the hands of local gangs.
Another way in which the Campaign aims to decrease the amount of needless deaths is through technology, using innovation in such away that prevents criminals from using stolen guns, and allowing police and dealers to effectively recognise stolen firearms.

Keep and Bear Arms

Keep and Bear Arms

'helping lawful people maintain their abilities to protect themselves and the people they love effectively from anyone who would do them harm - through legal, private ownership and use of guns. We also stand for the repealing of all gun laws which infringe on the civil rights of peaceable women and men to defend their own lives and property.'

Keep and Bear Arms is a website that says its goal it to rightly inform people about their Second Amendment rights and to correctly inform them about this right without the propaganda that other sites who may promote gun control suggest. The website starts of with the question, 'are you a red-blooded American?... with freedom running thick in your veins'. 

The websites main purpose is to teach people about their rights and it ironically does so in such way that oddly reminds me of propaganda... the formidable image of an " I WANT YOU" poster springs to mind when I read their goals of reminding the American people of the fundamental rules that the great nation of America was founded on and making them away that one of these rights the Second Amendment  is slowly being eroded away buy unconstitutional gun control laws.

In comparison to The Brady Campaign website this website isn't as professionally laid out and despite the use of strong language "born to freedom" its doesn't give much in the way of information as to what the organisations current projects are in order to spread their message; yes the do mention the fact that they aim to 'enlist' several high ranking reporters from all stated in order to bring further attention to themselves but other than that there really isn't that much of an argument. 

Which made me wonder, is it possible that The Brady Campaign's website was more professional and attractive due to the fact that gun control is only popular with a minority of people and that the use of colour and interactive videos is to attract others into their way of thinking. therefore, the Keep and Bear Arms website doesn't have to try as hard because in way, they have already "won" the argument.

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