Sunday, 9 November 2014

"Just in case you accidentally wander into a voting booth one day..." Liberty & Freedom

This is a clip from the HBO drama - "The Newsroom". It can be found on YouTube under "the most honest three minutes in television history". Whether this controversial topic was just for the ratings or a voice to the...voiceless? Doesn't seem to matter, it has got the majority thinking, and not just in America. Freedom is an aspect, a fundamental concept of American liberty. This is an expression of an expression, an expression inception. Through the relaitvely "free" press/media, this character is conveying his view on American freedom. Freely stating that this notion of America the Great, isn't what it seems, and actually sincerely voicing what many people, not just Americans beleive. This almost contradicts American liberty, he is using his 'freedom' (is it really freedom if it's scripted?) to undermine the patriotic American pride.
  I genuinely thought that this would be considered as Libel in the U.S and the poor scriptwriter would become part of the leading number of incarcerated adults per capital. Interesting, I'm curious as to whether the statistics he mentioned are actually correct? The number of adults who beleive angels are real and the leaders in defence spending? They all seem pretty beleivable but, it is just a TV show. Does it mean something that this viral speech on American liberty, is actually artificial? Was that the only way to get through to the masses? Or the only way for the masses to be heard?
This is a loaded speech and directly links to freedom, economy, morals, fighting for whats right, fighting against poverty and not against the poor, being informed by 'great' men, technological advances and curing diseases. All of these things embody American Liberty, but, do they exist anymore?"When you ask about why I think America is the greatest country in the world, I don't know what the (f..k) you're talking about".

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