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The Right to Bear Arms - Pro/Anti Gun Control

The Right to Bear Arms - Pro/Anti Gun control

Anti-Gun control - Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership -                                                                   
'Sharing a common goal of opposing and reversing victim-disarmament policies while advancing liberty for all'
With the common view that most anti-gun control groups in the US are comprised of white, southern males, the discovery of a Jewish group directed by a Rabbi, was unusual in my view.
' Jews for the preservation of firearms' (JPFO) is a educational collective focusing on civil-rights activism against federal involvement on gun control legislation. Although not exclusive to the Jewish community, the JPFO derives much of its anti-gun control doctrine from Jewish; religious laws, traditions and history. Their website is a mix of information and retail, with a 11 minute video portraying JPFO's key aims and ideas of firearms control, such as their research into 'historical occurrences of the dominant and powerful instituting gun regulations to remove any armed threat from social 'undesirables'', they use the holocaust as an example. They argue that gun regulation has historically been a method of suppression and even a staring point for genocide .

The JPFO claim, like any US pro-gun group, that regulations are a infringement on their constitutional right to 'bear arms' stated in the second amendment. They promote their arguments through education, not lobbying. This is due to  the political, media and financial influences of liberal Jewish individuals such as Charles Schumer (D-NY) (sponsor of  Fix Gun Checks Act of 2013), and Michael Bloomberg (Former mayor of NY and Entrepreneur) are seen as too strong to directly combat.

 "[Liberal Jews] ...Driven by some sort of perverse, long-term, suicidal impulse.....leading America to stand poised on a immersion into European 'Nanny-State' socialism - where there is no room in this 'delusional grand scheme for 'the armed citizen' (Rabbi Bendory)  .

The groups website is a hub of far reaching theories , about how Liberal Jews are betraying the rest of the Jewish community from their divinely ordained 'right to self-defence' and how they are collaborating with a government, who base their gun laws (1968) on a frame Hitler's Nazi Sate developed in the 1930's. They claim regulation would leave a cyber/paper trail of who and from which ethnic group owns a firearm, Thus leading to the paranoia of 'mass continental confiscation of weaponry by the federal government'. The group however, has little opinion, research or information on limited gun regulation, such as removal of assault weapons and large ammunition clips, with the aim  to help prevent massacres. The idea that a mentally impaired Jew with a  gun could be is any less dangerous than a Christian, Muslim or atheist with a gun, is just uncomprehendable to me.

Pro-Gun Control - The Brady Campaign

The website for the Brady campaign is simplistically structured with hard hitting statistics and linked to alternative campaigns (gun control to combat suicide and infanticide)  on gun violence in the US, it is a key source for understanding those who are advocates for gun-control.

Their aim :'changing how we think about the guns in our communities and in our homes.' , The groups challenge to stop gun violence is one of regulation, not confiscation. The Brady Campaign web site, is sectioned into the area of gun control that it is involved in, from proving legal representation to victims of gun violence to social enhancement programmes aimed at children the promotion of education on gun safety is a key part of their overall aim.

With statistics showing that gun violence is a current social issue, and that any regulations are based on contemporary not historical events.

'9 out of  10 Americans agree that we should have universal background checks, including three out of four NRA members.'

'On average, 32 Americans are murdered with guns every day '

'An average of eight children and teens under the age of 20 are killed by guns every day'

The site does not emphasis the views of extreme anti-gun advocates, that all weapons in the US should be banned, or sold and used in strictly regulated areas. The site emphasises the modern social need to regulate guns based on common sense and societies current attitude.

Overall, the comparison between the JPFO's website and that of the Brady Campaign is in the, layout of the sites and how they express their views. JPFO, focus on selling media products of theirs to radically alter the viewer attitude. They present themselves as a rather aggressive group, with a hardline view on the topic, 'there should be absolute gun freedom, or no guns at all' , which I really do not agree with, compromise would be of greater benefit to society, and the claims that the US government are basically structured like the Nazi's is ludicrous. Brady Campaign however, presents a site with well sourced statistics and , evidence that they can and are making a legislative change to gun-control in the US.

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